A process line for fast and safe packaging

Our packaging line is a shrink-wrapping and carton packaging line that
uses a continuous conveyor belt system.
It has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million articles.
Also, it is a fast and safe packaging line that applies optimal packaging
design and material development for each KD part in order to safely protect
these parts from contamination and external shocks during product
delivery to overseas factories, so as to ensure the best product quality.

Key Products

A/S parts and KD parts that are supplied for overseas assembly processes.

  • A/S packaging
    Painted A/S parts are shrink-wrapped
    and packed in cartons using AIRCAP
    to prevent any damage to quality
    during local or overseas delivery and storage.
  • KD packaging
    As a packaging process for parts supply
    to overseas final assembly plants,
    steel packaging pallets are assembled,
    packed with products, and treated with
    anti-rust coating and anti-corrosive
    plastic for rust prevention.
    Packaged boxes are then loaded into
    containers and delivered to overseas
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