HYUNDAI PARTECS creates a better world together with customers.

HYUNDAI PARTECS is a leading specialist in manufacturing auto body parts for repairs and servicing.
Founded in November 2005 to satisfy customers with auto body parts for cars that have been discontinued, it was inaugurated
as a plant specializing in the production and supply of repair and service parts.

  • Specialist for customer satisfaction
    HYUNDAI PARTECS produces servicing parts for discontinued Hyundai and Kia Motor vehicles, creating various tangible and intangible synergistic effects for the group of companies. This leads to a reduction in both time and cost for production through its specialized, integrated production line. Furthermore, the company is focused on providing a stable supply of high quality auto parts, thus enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction. As a leading auto parts company in Korea, HYUNDAI PARTECS will continue to advance to become a reputed name in the world automotive market.
  • Small-scale, multi-model, multi-category production structure created
    HYUNDAI PARTECS produces auto body parts for discontinued Hyundai Motor models for repairs and CKDs. To manufacture parts for Hyundai and Kia car models whose production have been discontinued, the production equipment for the discontinued finished cars have been moved to the HYUNDAI PARTECS facility, where the parts are systematically stored and maintained based on expert knowledge.
    In addition, the production structure that integrates press, body, coating and packing cuts costs and completes the stable foundation for an efficient logistics system.
    The Press Line is an automated production system with 15 large-scale presses and 10 robots in operation, which is a multi-category, small-scale production structure. The auto body assembly line has eight hemming machines and a 24-robot welding system and is able to produce parts for multiple models. The mobility between the production lines reduces costs and allows for a quick response to customer orders.
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