In order to provide benefits for employees to lead a stable social life and to reduce insecurity about sickness and various hardships, we strive to provide a wide variety of benefits to enhance our employees' sense of belonging to the company and to achieve individual personnel development and business performance.
  • Provision of benefits and livelihood stability support
    Compassionate / congratulatory leave,
    condolence / congratulatory money and
    gifts during family events
    Financial assistance for medical fees of
    employees and their families
    Summer vacation allowance and holiday
    allowance during Lunar New Year's Day
    and Chuseok Holiday
  • Leisure activities and motivation
    Operation of in-house sports facilities
    Support for club activities
    Privileged treatment for
    long-serving employees and long
    service retirees
  • Financial support for education
    Financial aid for employees with
    children in middle school, high school
    and university
  • Discounts for vehicle purchase
    Discount offers for the purchase
    of Hyundai and Kia vehicles
  • Housing stability and health <br>assistance
    Housing aid
    Hostel lodging for singles
    Comprehensive health screening and
  • Others
    Operation of employee shuttles
    and in-house cafeteria
    Wedding anniversary and birthday
  • Philosophy of Business
  • Business Summary
  • Recruit
  • CSR